Slavemaster Legacy


Black people love to whop

Deep, humiliating whop ass

Every chance to damage the skin

Black people will participate

Ass whopping that never fails

Leaves scars of pain

Just as slavemasters whopping slaves

Whipped until the skin opened

Treacherous pain endured by slaves

Many photographs of scarred skin

Enough to upset the souls of black folk

Descendants of slaves repeat the act

Beat, beat until the skin tears apart

(I do not own the rights to this video)

The importance of Africa’s contributions to the world is faded due to slavery, colonialism, and imperialism. When the different European countries settled on the continent; they witnessed advanced civilizations. Upper-and-Lower Egypt(was known as KMT) mastered an understanding of their environments and adopted concepts to further comprehend nature.

Since Europe’s invasion in Africa, the narrative changed to celebrate Europe while destroying African scientific and spiritual conclusions. Those ideas would influence the Greeco-Roman empires and assisted those regions with information to develop their regions.

The relentless work of educators like Dr. John Henri Clarke continue to inform generations of African people about ancient Africa’s activities. Dr. Clarke has left a legacy with substantial details to help African people write their own history without the input of colonial countries.