Church Bells

God don’t let the church bells ring

Destruction awaits 

Memorized verses  

Saturated ignorance

Self-righteousness is preached

Righteousness suffers

Women and girls become victims

Forced into oblivion and submission

Based on false prophecies of men

Still Eve gets the blame

Adam was as dumb as Eve

Destructive conclusions of faith

Dispersed in every religious place

What happens when the bells of a religious place rings? It goes beyond the calling of people to places of worship. The words and messages within religious places should be scrutinized and examined, but that does not happen. Instead, verses are memorized and repeated by the audiences with no invitation to ask about the prophets and messengers in religious doctrines. Similarly, church follows the lessons which are taught in kindergarten classes where children are encouraged to repeat and memorize letters. Even when the audience is not in church, and they are implored to have constructive conversations about their respective prophet or messenger; there is resistance and frustration from them. 

All religions should go beyond the repetition of verses to keep minds engaged. Besides, more information is coming to light about religious doctrines and their histories. Many are leaving religion to express spirituality in other ways; because the mind and the soul require greater engagement. When one is spiritual- there is a yearning to share it with others and change lives in the process. Spirituality is not restricted to words of prophets; it gives a strong feeling of assurance that a deeper connection has been secured. 

Religions are setting rules, which are archaic and dangerous and do not align with the changes of modern times. The Creator does not care if a woman wears a pant, or skirt to church, or a scarf over the head. These rules are man-made and are set by men who are territorial and sometimes narcissistic. The same logic goes for the concept of religions that gives men dominion over women. No individual should ever believe that God would designate men to rule over women since women are the birthers of men! 

For religions to continue, they must change their platforms. Examine their doctrines to determine the validity of these doctrines. Refer to other pieces of evidence to conclude if religious doctrines are God-righteous, or human activities being marketed as spiritual encounters. The schisms which are visible between religions must also be considered as all the doctrines are connected in many ways and forms.

The stories of Krishna of India and Jesus share many similarities, and Islam and Judeo-Christianity have a lot in common. Egypt’s history is also being meshed into the storylines of those in the bible.

These findings have come from those who continue to look at religious stories to factor in logic and evidence. By using this angle, stories provide newer details with the intent to inform the audience. What is being taught as the solid truth now has substantial information for followers to examine.

It is unfortunate that belief is being taught in religious settings insomuch that anything that is researched about information that is preached, is ignored and rejected. Some followers do react to new findings while many continue to believe in institutional conclusions. This explains the divide between those who stay within their respective religions and those who leave their religions upon learning something new.