Women in Leadership

Women continue to birth what is known as civilization. Women are great multi-taskers who see the issues of the world in clear view. Women are spiritual beings who view Nature as a resource to be protected and nurtured. Women love and care for people and for things with wholesomeness and respect.

These are the standards that men should hold women to, as women find placement in different environments. Also, as they walk down different streets with purpose and intuition governing their steps.

Women hold stronger qualities than men when it comes to governing an office and a boardroom. Women bring multidimensionalism to work while men look to gain material and wealth. The output is different between a man’s strategy than a woman’s strategic planning. The differentiation is role-oriented as men remain true to the role of provider, and women stay firm in their goal of keeping everything in balance.

While the employment statistics are against women; they actually explain how women have been strategically exempted from gaining career positions. The numbers tell a story of patriarchism and how that stifles’ opportunities for women. Those numbers should never be interpreted as women not holding the skills and the abilities to operate businesses and organizations. Rather, those figures re-assert the issue of males aiming to dominate the workplace while leaving minimal room for women to secure employment and to be placed in leadership positions. 

Historically, and precisely in western civilization; the strength and the qualities of women have been ignored. The feminisit movement was born from the actions of European males and their failure to include European women in the design of the west. Consequently, this led to socio-economic disparities between European women and men, and men and women in non-European cultures. 

The Emancipation Proclamation freed all slaves, and the enactment of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gave all women the right-to-vote, but African women were still struggling. African-American women still had to cater to the daily needs of European women and their families even with the political changes. Essentially, African-American women and their families had to re-invent their lives while still existing in a racist America. 

This example shows the difference between the advantages European women gained, and African-American women’s continuous fight for respect from both European males-and-females. 

Asian women, as well as Native-American women and their families also faced rough policies in North-America. As the American Revolution was focused primarily on uplifting those from Europe; other cultures and their families would see destruction in their livelihoods. For example, Chinese-Americans who came to America during the Gold Rush era would face discrimination, and who can forget the concentration camps of Japanese men, women, and children in America after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

These happenings would set the stage for economic divisions, and racist policies, which are still ongoing and are placing women in different economic definitions.

Working World: 

Women continue to be placed in various stratas of life. Some ladies rise to the top of the corporate world, but bring little change to the world of women and their families. Instead, the concepts of the financial world, the religious world, and the cultural world continue to rage on, and with professional women becoming enablers of the status quo. 

Women are still stuck in the conclusions, which are from the minds of male financiers, male preachers/rabbis, and male village chiefs. Even in 2021, it is still a man’s world as the saying goes, and women are still working to be liberated from narratives, which are written by males. 

In their respective continents and countries, women still face harsh cultural and religious conclusions, which are subjecting them to crashing circumstances. In Asian countries, males are favored more than females. In Africa, women have an equal say in the family, but there are patriarch structures. Native-American women are still working in communal settings and definitions even though their family structures have been ruined by European settlers. 

As a result, females- in whichever part of the world that they reside, are experiencing setbacks while pushing through various pathways to secure betterment for their families. 

Female Politics= Destructiveness

There is a dark cloud that rests over the heads of women as they work toward their pinnacles.  This hindrance derails-and-destructs the world of womanhood and the movement to rise to the top and to preserve values. 

It is called female-politics. The desire is to market the self even if it means destroying another woman’s opportunity and livelihood. 

It is equally- perhaps more damaging, than patriarch rules. Women working against women adds injury to the ultimate goal of bettering the lives of women and children. It is the visible display of emotions rather than social-responsibility. The good-ole fashion diva attitude that brings drama and death(Of some sort) to job descriptions, which are held by women.

European women continuing to support European males with racist ideologies is female politics. Women-in-power positions who support sexist geo-political ideas can be classified as female politics. Women in the workplace who work against other women is female politics. Female politics’ is military women who engage in wars which are removing fathers from families and killing children. 

Religious women in western civilization who are anti-abortion also engage in female-politics as  they ignore the real problems, which are motivating women to have abortions. While all women should agree that abortion is a disgusting act; there are causes to why women have abortions, and other women should not oppose it without discussing the socio-economic realities of women. A woman who chooses abortion after a rape, or a forced marriage should not be further questioned by another woman. 

The reality is that women spend too much time supporting patriarchal conclusions-both sub-consciously and consciously. Women have become too religious instead of spiritual. Women have become too judgemental toward other women instead of working together to stall postulations, which are giving men more power than they should have. 

As a result, many  women are publicizing the same patriarch rules which they claim to be opposing, or questioning. And, the social problems, which have historically placed women in the lower economic position are still connected to this historical chain. 

In religions and in cultures, women remain in submission that is conducive to male’s explanations of what women’s roles should be. The writings and messages in respective religious doctrines are predominantly written by men who viewed themselves as being chosen by God. The various religious interpretations continue to support these dangerous, God-less rituals, which have nothing to do with God, but everything that is man-related. In addition, those who acknowledge the Creator visualizes (It) as a male figure. This false analysis has fostered the presence of denominations upon denominations where women are equally supportive and loyal to as the men. 

In the workplace, women unleash the same competitive-and-monstrous output as their male counterparts and to the demise of other women. How quickly do women in power positions forget that women are child-bearers and keepers of the family. And, instead of using top positions to change the lives of women; women in managerial positions simply carry on with the same defective protocols which are causing additional harm to family structures. 

Some women celebrate capitalism, but capitalism remains a hindrance to women and their children. Its crimes are more conspicuous as women become rich and are audacious enough to speak in support of it. Capitalism remains a cruel system that forces women into prostitution, and children into bleak circumstances. The system of capital should never be viewed as a friend to humanity, because women and their children are the greatest victims. A woman should never lose sight of the ways in which capital ruins the lives of women and their families. The woman’s quest to keep her family together in the greatest health instead sees disruption of her family under capitalism. Capital deters the family in more ways than one because their basic necessities come with a high price and with disastrous sacrifices. 

Finally, it is no longer the male who is causing strife in the lives of women. It is both males and females who collaboratively take part in economic injustices, cultural biases, and religious separations. Though women hold the natural instinct and desire to save Nature from dismantlement; women, unfortunately, are instead aiding to its demise. Consequently, Mother Nature operates as an abyss of chaos, of destruction, and of defunctness.