Knowledge of the world will change the world

There is a misconception among human beings that those with money hold the power to change the world for the better. Because of this mentality there are many who worship and cater to rich people because of their monetary gains. This deviation from the presence of information remains a distraction. Rich people are only interested in remaining rich, influencing laws which caters to their beliefs, and using money to keep a stronghold on others. Rich people are not interested in changing anything in the world; because they, in-turn, support the status-quo of rich and poor.

Who are the true bearers of truth and change? It is those who understand the significance of information and utilizing that information to foster change. Understanding the world is crucial toward creating betterment in the world. Without knowing the history of present conditions; one cannot fully help bring, or implement any change.

A few millionaires and billionaires should not have the freedom to make decisions for the entire world because the world only has a few billionaires and millionaires anyway. Plus, consumerism is the reason behind rich people becoming rich. Essentially, those who are rich need the full support of people within a population to help them maintain their wealth. Sadly, the majority who are consuming are probably spending so much time in consumption of goods that they forget their own power. Power is derived from people and resources.

 The poor and working class have become hopeless even though they are the ruling class. Millionaires and billionaires are no match for a majority of people who hold the power to buy, protest, and change. Somehow the marketing of rich people’s ostentatious livelihoods have become a normality that even poor and working class people are striving to reach. This plays into the superficial and spiritless world that we live in where material wealth is celebrated more than the power of mind and action.

Those with strong intrinsic values and a love for information will bring much-needed change. Information reveals truth that many need to make better decisions about daily life. Information is vast and shows the origins of the different schisms in the current world. There are solutions to the world’s problems, but first, one has to examine the evidence. History holds’ stories of human behavior and patterns and has to be included in the recipe for bettering lives.

Rich people are always on an agenda to get others to be rich, but is that the solution to the world’s problems? One person becoming rich does not mean the village becomes rich since most people who become rich desire to coexist with other rich people. Besides, over-consumption of anything in the world shows an ignorant and a destructive way-of-life.

 Money is a temporary solution to the problems of the world because the economic laws continue to give rise to many of the world’s problems. Poverty and income instability are linked to unjust economic laws, which are still being used as though they are the best option for humanity. The evidence of job insecurity, competition to get jobs, and environmental concerns are visible in all corners of this world and reminds us daily that a 21st century idea must be implemented. It must be an idea away from the capitalistic mindset toward a more humane reality.