God Knows


Weariness became my reality

Work stripped me of joy

Bills removed hope from me

So many bills

I couldn’t sustain

Asked for help silently

Too ashamed to ask explicitly

Constant tears which you ignored

The God above understood

Positioned me in front of you

Upon seeing your extra blessings

The empty room in your house was for me

The open space at the table was for me

The additional money in your account was for me

Instead of giving you judged

Like the landlord, the judge, the sheriff

My new home has concrete and is always cold



Many hidden insecurities

Defining your strengths and weaknesses

Filled with fatalities and monstrosities

Associated, formulated in sexist settings

Wrapped within your soul

Forced into every neurotransmitter

Utilizing embellishments to escape

Embedded inferiority and self-doubt

Unleashing damage everywhere

Infecting everyone you meet