Impact of Colonialism

So many people believe that racism-and-colonialism are past tensed events. So many people are wrong about that assertion, because colonialism and racism are still supporting geo-political and socio-economic activities. The truth is that the world is still working to move away from the actions of the past…

How deep is colonialism?

Dr. Hagins’ is a former pastor who taught Christian principles for every fifteen years. As a curious individual, he would delve into the history of Christianity to uncover how the creation of jesus came into existence.

His research is featured on Youtube in different speeches where he discusses the bible, psychology and behavioral patterns, and socio-economic realities of African people. His messages are filled with engaging and informative dialogue that implores his audiences to grow from the confinements of religion and Eurocentrism.

Dr. Hagins has personally taught me how to read the bible. That the verbatim way is the wrong angle, and understanding the historical context of the civilizations in the bible is the right way. He teaches the importance of learning history in order to connect that to the stories in the bible. Dr. Ray also highlights the literary components of the bible and the mythical examples of the characters which are featured.

Through his work, I have gained a deep understanding of how colonialism affects the African person’s view of the world. Colonialism has completely re-arranged the psyche of people-of-color to accommodate newer perspectives, definitions, and conclusions. Essentially, those changes are being used to enrich the colonizers while depriving the colonized of a life of prosperity and value.

Dr. Hagins’ Youtube channel link:

My family in the African diaspora is continuing the conversation about the impact of colonialism. I encourage you to support them by listening in, joining the conversation, and learning about the never-ending journey toward achieving African-centered policies to enrich the lives of African people in the global world.