The oppressor-and-oppressed relationship is still lingering in the world. As some people ignore the existence of inequality; many more continue to suffer because of injustices which are crafted by their oppressors. There are historical depictions of who the oppressors are and who the oppressed people are, but there is little change in this relationship. In fact, more people join the oppressor’s ideology and carry that legacy while oppressed people continue to experience oppressive outcomes.  

The oppressor-and-oppressed relationship is inter-connected and cannot operate without the existence of the other. In addition, this relationship exists because the oppressor continuously unleashes chaos toward the oppressed insomuch that it becomes normalized behavior. In turn, the oppressed struggles to overtake their oppressors through various movements.    

The late psychiatrist, Franz Fanon, left a legacy of researching the dynamics of the oppressor with the oppressed. Fanon concluded that both are inseparable because of the bond they share. In fact, according to Fanon,  the oppressed may take on the violent patterns of the oppressor since the oppressor uses violence to maintain power over the oppressed. Oppressed people realize that it is from violence that the oppressor gains their privileges. 

This complicated relationship remains defined even in different eras. For example, the never-ending relationship between Israel-and-Palestine is an example of the oppressor-and-oppressed one. Israelis being the oppressor and Palestinians are the oppressed. Europe’s stronghold on indigenous/African people lives is also an example of oppressor-oppressed since Europe destroyed the communal foundation of that group to incorporate the rule-of-law. 

Oppressors seek privilege-and-power and they understand that this requires conglomeration to remain in that position. Usually, it is through agreement and like-mindedness that the oppressor will find support to carry out agendas. The United States copying Europe’s imperialist history is based on like-mindedness.  The writers of the Constitution carried out the domination of America using the same repressive methods Europe use(d) to colonize the world. 

There is a determination on the oppressors’ part to gain economic and political advantages to establish empires. It is not surprising that oppressors do not care about the destruction that oppressed people speak of wholeheartedly . This is evident in how white-Americans fail to understand why African-Americans do not share a deep love for the American flag and anthem. Rooted in this division is the history of oppressiveness that African-Americans suffer(ed) from as a result of slavery, colonialism, and neo-colonialism.  Unfortunately, this is the social result of a divide that is visible in the actions of one group and the destruction those actions caused other groups.