A. Alie

                                         Conclusions of the Bible

Important points from the bible:

  • There is little truth to the stories in the bible because they take on a literary tone
  • There are many books in the bible, which were placed there at different points in history. To say that “God wrote the bible” or “God gave the inspiration to write the bible” is a great fallacy that only religious people use
  • The bible is not a holy book. It is the cultural values of different groups of people
  • The bible is a contextual doctrine- Prophecies happened and should not be repeated. The experiences of the narrators and priests were only true to their lives, and they lived and transpired
  • No human being on this planet should aim to exist vicariously through the ways of others-especially those individuals in the bible
  • The bible uses actual historical happenings which were re-created into narratives. The truth is in the actual history books of the civilizations which are mentioned
  • The civilizations of Rome, Mesopotamia, Kemet(Egypt) contributed widely to the theories in the bible. Knowing their combined histories will help the reader to comprehend the bible
  • Judeo-Christianity and Islam as well as Eastern religions are all connected and share a common history
  • Literary tools are used religiously to convey Abrahamic themes throughout the bible
  • For example, Moses never existed but commandments and priesthood are important to the religion. Moses is the personification of the messages within his storyline
  • Christianity is a religion that was created by different councils
  • Jesus never existed but he represents the scientific and spiritual ways of ancient Kemet(Currently Egypt)
  • Jesus became human in Christianity. The esoteric messages within the story of jesus are derived from the scientific and spiritual metaphysical learning that was known to Kemet. In Kemet, the importance of a mastering a journey of transformation was crucial to understanding the self.  
  • No 12-tribes existed, but the examination of the cosmos brought on the subject of astrology-the 12 zodiac signs represent the tribes
  • Yeshua and jesus are the same individual. A linguistic difference is their only separator because the letter, “J” is English. The letters, “US” were included in many names to connect to the Roman god, Zeus
  • Every civilization created a creation story of how life started. The biblical story of Adam and Eve lacks truth from its beginning to its ending.  Its patriarchal, incestual, and violent messages could not have been inspired by God
  • To this day, the actual way that life started is up-in-arms and is subjective to different groups including Science that relies on the story of evolution…
  • The heavy emphasis on patriarchy in the bible is the root of the toxicity that is seen within the walls of religions. The exclusion and subjugation of women are the results of the male-dominated ideas which are saturated in many of the biblical stories

End Capitalism Today- YouTube

The system of capitalism is one of great calamity. It creates’ imbalances and chaos in the lives of people who are striving for equilibrium.

Capitalism has been accepted as the most workable idea, because all other suggestions have been circumvented by the venture capitalists. Consequently, the agenda to generate profits’ celebrates: individualism over collectivism; subjectivity over objectivity, and material possessions over the betterment of people and environments.

A more improved world awaits us. A world without capital. A world with less violence. A world without class structures. A world with no rich, and no poor.

Most people would call this new world an “equal” world. I would call that world an “unselfish” world….

It is never too late to become an activist.