Ruphael Woldemariam

Ruphael is a Chicago photographer, artist, and musician. His artwork is the cover page of both my books.The book cover of She Became Poetic, is of a woman coming into full bloom. She looks bold and confident compared to the person that she was.

Ruphael is a photographer, a musician, and an artist. Ruphael’s portraits are featured on the covers of my two books. The first book, She Became Poetic, has an image of a woman coming forth with confidence and sass. I chose that image, because it aligned with my introduction to the publishing world. I emerged from a place of seclusion and doubt, and found the strength to come forth.

The recent book called, All About Love or Lack Thereof, also has Ruphael’s work. The image of an individual with a tear-drop from the eye area worked nicely with the theme of the book. Love can be both soothing and daunting insomuch that we sometimes cry because of experiencing both sadness and joy.

I find myself constantly analyzing Ruph’s work for the messages of his portraits. Mostly, I am curious to read his inner self since most of his paintings are of women. In doing so, I now know the deep love and respect he has for women. His paintings also captures’ humans and animals in great alignment.

Ruphael at work!
Sketch by Ruphael!
Book cover by Ruphael!
Mom and Child by Ruphael