My Poetic Mind

Poetry is a recent addiction. I have never enjoyed poetry, because I have always felt that it was lazy writing. In 2019, I was editing a book that I had been crafting for some time and found myself writing in poetic lines. I allowed my words to flow and completed thirteen poems in the process. Those poems are published in my first book: She Became Poetic.

What I enjoy most about writing poetry is the abruptness of each line. As a writer, I tend to be terse with my sentences. I have received criticism for that; yet poetry allows me to be curtly without being scrutinized so much. Additionally, writing poetry helps me to better organize my thoughts and sentences. I know that each poetic line is a potential case-study, and I find myself utilizing the lines to brainstorm for future projects. As I continue to write, I can see the clarity that follows.

Caribbean Music

Zouk can be heard in Martinique

Also in Dominica and Guadeloupe

It is common in St. Lucia

Combined with sweet soca

Trinidad and Tobago sings calypso

Plus chutney from India

Burning Flames’ hails from Antigua

Haiti gyrates to kompa

Bouyon belongs to Dominica

While jab-jab is in Grenada

Jah blessed Jamaica with reggae

Conscious, dancehall in a rub-a-dub style

Groove to reggaeton in San Juan and Havana

Nuff res–pect! Virgin Islands fam’

Jam Band and ra, ta, ta, ta, tat

All the other islands listen to these tunes

In a region that resembles heaven

Mr & Mrs. Wrong

Life is a fucked-up concept

Decided we would be golden together

Placed us together stupidly

Sadly you wavered

Rejected a practical plan

To practice a distorted storyline

We view love differently

You know it conditionally

I embrace it unconditionally

Mommy taught you hapzardly

Released her breast too early

Pain was in my mother’s breast

Withdrew early to stop tasting her misery

Grew up despising everything co-dependent

Let us go independently

For we are both broken emotionally

Let The Lady Change the World

Different Colors, One People (Lucky Dube)

  • We are different colors now, but the human chronicle is one that shows originality starting on the continent of Africa
  • Migration from the continent-and-beyond gave birth to new physical features
  • The discovery of DNA explains our connection to one another
  • Human beings have a simple human quest to survive in the most peaceful and modest way possible
  • The resilience of human beings and their determination to live healthily sit in competition to monetary systems
  • Economic laws deter human beings from reaching their pinnacles 
  • The presence of slums, meager pay on the job are hindrances to individuals and their families
  • American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, developed a human theory in 1943 that detailed human needs in the form of a diagram
  • Maslow theorized that humans need: 

Self-actualization– Highest level of desiring to be the best individual in society

– Esteem– Respect, status, recognition, freedom

– Love and belongingness– Friendship, intimacy, family

– Safety– The need for safe environments once the physiological needs are met

Physiology- Food, water, clothing (Bottom of pyramid)