Without Patriarch


What would the world look like without men? Well, it would look womanly and female politics would reign.

Without men, the human population would suffer and babies would not come into the world. The joy of newborns entering into the world bringing a sense of renewal, hope, and love would completely stop. 

On the flip side, abortions would decline, males raping girls, boys, and women would disappear, military would fade and wars would end, heterosexual domestic violence would decrease, and female genital mutilation would not take place. There would be no need for birth control methods and women would not have to worry about lab drugs disrupting their periods, their moods, and increasing their chances of getting different cancers.

Global economics would get the overall change that it needs considering its male governance is the reason for its continuity. Poverty would be resolved since women tend to consider the betterment of families over economic principles-and-rules. The late Mother Teresa would smile from above when poverty is erased; because she once said that; “God does not create poverty;we do, because we do not share.”

All the traditions such as religions which are in place to support male dominance would be completely decimated. The cultural rituals such as girls being married off to grown men to offset financial burdens on families would not continue. Even the dogmas in religions would be given a fresh pair of eyes and religions would suffer a further decline. After all, according to the religions of the world; God only spoke to men and this faulty sermon continues to support patriarchal actions.

Women would re-examine systems which confines them to be subservient to males. 

The meaningless, unnecessary wars which are destroying families and their infrastructures would come to a halt. Besides, war artillery has always been tied to males and their egos, and the competition they ignite with one another. With women in control,  those designs of destruction would be destroyed instantly.

The toxic male masculinity attitude where men believe that women are objects and can be controlled would become obsolete. This dangerous ideology would not exist and the many relationships that men become embroiled in would see a dramatic downfall. Women would not have to fight other women because of relationship entanglements with men. The emotional and psychological pain that men inflict on women would be replaced by the relationship dynamics of lesbianism. 

Patriarchal advantages, which are afforded to men in socio-economic arenas would be eliminated and women would design a new system that serves the family. Century old ideas like democracy would be disrupted, and capitalism would be dismantled. Social class structures would be erased as they are destructive and serve no purpose other than to intensify monstrous emotions-and-behaviors. Men crafting and implementing reproductive laws on the behalf of women would go away, and patriarchal ideas rearing its ugliness in the lives of women would ameriolate. 

Mostly, in the absence of men, women would carry on in synchronization with Mother Nature and work to preserve resources.