Me at Glance



The book has ten poems, which details how love fluctuates. Love can be both soothing and daunting depending on who you meet and how well they understand the meaning of love. Still, love should remain the theme in life even though it is not saturated in the world.



I want to examine our current world and use documentaries and books to share new findings. One of the greatest blessings of living in this era is the plethora of information. Information reminds us to examine life and subsequently change the world. My love for information motivates me daily. Consequently, information must be shared, so constructive dialogue can take place.

It is through constructive dialogue that ideologies will be examined closer and solutions will happen. Addressing the existence of current issues instead of working to change the narrative remains the only tool toward solving those issues.

Humanities classes taught me about the importance of looking at evidence as the first step toward any recommendation or resolution. The facts must be presented first before personal input reaches the table. Sadly, I see opinions becoming more favorable than the presence of historical examples. As a lover of history plus information; I want to write and produce informative pieces which are connected to the past.

Let the Lady Change the World

The issues in the world are in crisis mode. Historical racism, religious schisms, and unfair capitalistic ideas are causing strife. Those divisions started in different historical eras and migrated to the 21st century. To resolve these issues is to examine the history of them.


She Became Poetic

This book of poems’ examines the issues of the current era in poetic lines. Each poem details the layers of issues such as Euro-centrism, capitalism, as well as racism. Additionally, there is a humanitarian call for identifying those issues with historical evidence.