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A Humanitarian Movement

Why is the world so saturated with messiness? Have you ever wondered if we will ever escape pandemonium to experience peace?

Peace is so important but there is resistance toward those who want to implement peace in the world. Sometimes I wonder if the peace deals which have been created are really just words on documents. Countries craft peace deals all the time but there is always a resurgence of some sort. Sometimes a new generation creates a plan of how things should operate, or the conditions in a peace contract are not met . It is becoming even more clear that peace will be difficult to secure because the world has an abundance of weaponry.

I am reminded of the late Tupac Shakur who once said, “They got money for the war but can’t feed the poor.” Resources which should be allocated to enrich lives are pro-rated to build weapons to be used against the betterment of lives. Mainly, it is a quest for power but a highly un-natural power that includes weapons and the destruction that ensues. Every year a country may memorialize its historical events. Many times calamity was the theme of those events as the world has many records of wars. Human beings will always remember chaotic events such as wars and genocides because those events shape their individual lives and also the livelihood of others.

Perhaps, it is a priority issue as well as a disdain for humanity. If you love the world; then you will do everything positive for the world. If you despise the world; then you unleash terror toward others. That is a simple humanitarian equation that many forget.

We should all connect to our own humanity and relay that understanding toward others. Our underlying need for love, respect, and harmony are modest yearnings in the midst of ideological entrapments, which are instilled in our minds. A dire need for humanitarian ideas’ seems to be an effective response to the world’s many problems. Why? Because every other ideology whether religious, economic, or political continue to be deviations which are the causes of division and strife.

Change Will Happen Forcefully or Voluntarily

Change happens in many ways. It takes place in organizations, cultures, religion, and people. Change is constant; it fluctuates even if we ignore its movements.

Many times, individuals are resistant to change because of set beliefs, which they have agreed to. Going against those beliefs can mean being disobedient and in many cultures; that is viewed as a sin. In addition, we see how institutions such as religions, and governments remain firm in their ways while mandating that individuals should change.

Nonetheless, life demands that we remain flexible and adaptable to our ever-changing environments. Also, with the presence of so much information; each of us should tune-in and acknowledge the importance of learning new ways. Essentially, knowing something different can lead toward short-term and long-term growth.

In every self-help section of a bookstore; there are books which are written on the topic of change. Recently, I read an article on Huffpost that details’ reasons why we should change. The writer, Amber Rose Monaco, listed five benefits of change. They are:

  • You are pushed out of your comfort zone
  • You get to experience more
  • You get to find out who you really are
  • Makes you more flexibility and adaptable
  • You have more fun

Like the caterpillar changing to a butterfly; we, as human beings, can transcend into new territories.

Life reminds us that we should remain open to change; because oftentimes change comes in desirable and undesirable ways. An injury that causes bodily harm may force one to change their outlook on life. Some people understand the meaning of change and can adapt to change on a daily basis. Simply put, they acknowledge that life is really a journey with many phases.